About us

The website kordonoszlop.hu is operated by Kötéltechnika Kft. This company is the market leader in Hungary. We are Hungarian manufacturers; our products are made in Hungary with European quality standards. We produce according to standard and special sizes, too. The ordered products – if they are in stock – can be shipped by the next day by a delivery company. Our philosophy is to combine the old and the new: Kötéltechnika Kft. is characterized by 21th century attitude towards traditional products.

Take a look at our cordon deals, which cover those popular retractable belts, which are used in museums and in airports worldwide!

We are the manufacturer or importer of this kind of products. That is why we can guarantee the best prices, and we can also customize our products to our customers needs. If a product needs a unique implementation, we can carry out that, too.

Additional products related to columns, such as decorative ropes or retractable belts, can be produced individually in case of a minimum order quantity. The primary colors - purple, green, blue, black – are always in stock, thus we can satisfy the general needs right now!

Find the most suitable product for you and ask us about the opportunities!

E-mails will be answered within 24 hours!

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